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To rent a space or do the event at home? What are the pros and cons?

So you're gonna have an event. You need to decide, particularly if you're going to do this event at your house or if you're going to have more of a private event. I would seriously consider and help you and advise you to think about renting space. And here's the reason why. If you rent space, your cleanup would be a lot easier, a lot simpler.

You're not going to be as careful watching people walking around your house, especially say you do an event and you've told the guest this is pretty much for adults. Most people don't listen; they're gonna bring their kids. Okay? So that happens. If you have rented space, you don't have to worry so much about broken things, and your cleanup would be a lot easier.

I actually did an event for a person to play for the NFL, and what they did on a routine basis, they would actually scout. They had some people, and I know you're gonna say, Dewayne, I ain't got no NFL. I got it. I understand. But the principle still applies. They would actually rent out other mansions and have their event there and not at their house.

That was pretty smart cause they didn't have to worry about the defendant when the event was over. Everybody's got in. Partner left. So there are companies out there. I want to try to find a resource and probably throw up a link that will rent to you as a private individual or as a smaller company where you don't have to worry so much about trying to have everything at your place.

So consider renting outside resources. Consider renting outside space. Consider renting, believe it or not, renting someone else's house. It'll save you a lot of time and a lot of cleanups.

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