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Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill sells out summer Calendar as corporate events bounce back

May 17, 2022

Chicago, IL

Corporate Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill continues to do appearances at various live events and conferences, successfully selling out his entire summer calendar dates. As COVID cases hold steady and mask mandates lifted, corporate planners are encouraged to return to in-person events as opposed to a virtual setting.

Associations have seen a 207% spike in registrations for their annual conventions compared to 2021 and those events need entertainment, putting the magician in high demand. Hill's act is G-rated and as he puts "HR Friendly" creating safe environment for attendees to enjoy a social gathering and the planners not to be concerned about a polarizing message on politics, religion and sex, or someone wanting to rush the stage to assault the entertainer because they were offended at a joke or punchline.

As the demand rises so does pricing. According to Forbes magazine, the Magician’s appearances fees ranged from $2,000 to $3,500 (pre-COVID). Now some of those available dates have doubled.

Recent buzz around the magician's film "The Discernment, The Book of Evil" has also increased his LIVE appearances, as planners are wanting to meet with the magician turned filmmaker. Details about his calendar can be found tour page of his website.

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