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Motivational Speaker and Magician’s Performance film approaches 500,000 views

June 17, 2019 - Tampa, FL

Motivational Speaker and Magician Dewayne Hill’s performance documentary film “Magic Of The Scorpio” approaching 500,000 views and is on track for 1 million views in the coming weeks. The film is based on magic tricks set to popular hip hop songs and has been called the first official visual mixtape.

The project is to inspire students to put action towards ideas and not “bully themselves” out of taking risks.

“I feel like students really can relate to music and music artist and I wanted to connect magic and motivation as a means to give the students something different to look at”, Hill said.

The performance film has had a series of small releases that are being consumed and viewed all over the world. Each segment has drawn over 10,000 views per clip and the clip project has close to 250,000 views just 2 weeks after its release. The Magician and Producers are shopping the project for official distribution and to film festivals.

The complete project can be viewed online at and through Facebook.


About Dewayne: Motivational Speaker and Magician Dewayne Hill performs and produces content for corporations, schools and colleges. Dewayne travels more than 100 days per year, coast to coast inspiring audiences to make the impossible into possible. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox Sports Net, The Travel Channel and Food Network.

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