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Magician Dewayne Hill Will Produce A Holiday Magic Trick Series

(Los Angeles, CA) - Oct. 30, 2019

Executive Producer and Magician Dewayne Hill will produce a special series of magic tricks around the holiday theme. The magician will create and perform magic tricks around traditional holiday songs. The series will be free and will stream on Facebook Watch and YouTube. The first trick will be released in Mid to Late November. "I've always wanted to add to the holiday season and have magic be a part of that celebration"- Hill said. Four Magic Tricks with songs are set to stream with the possibility of a fifth trick to be added.

This is the latest project from the magician's production slate, as he still pursues his dream and goal of his own magic special on one of the streaming platforms. As more platforms come online and plan to compete with Netflix, studios are looking at all forms of entertainment to add under their banner and library of content.

The magician has plans to shop a scripted series to the various streamers in 2020 and has been getting mentored and creative notes for 2 emmy nominated writers and producers as the scripts are being developed. For more information go to:


About Dewayne: Dewayne Hill travels the United States performing for corporations, associations and schools. He started performing at 17 and get a house residence at a local comedy club. There he developed his comedy chops and started touring America willing to perform for any comedy club and any time slot. In May of 2019 he released the world's first visual mixtape performing magic blended with music.

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