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50th & 60th Birthday Planning Tip #1

The big 50th or 60th birthday is coming up. Hopefully you have started planning early. I want to give you a tip on planning an out-of-sight event.

50th and 60th birthday party

Most people always celebrate the birth year or plan the theme around the year the guest of honor was born. I want to you show you, that is a mistake. Why? Well, think

about it. Yes its great they were born in 1958 or 1968 - but what do they remember about that year?

Your Best Tip... Plan the party or theme around another milestone year. Meaning, what year did the guest of honor turn 18 OR 21 Or 30 OR when they graduated high school or college. THEN do the party in that year. Call the DJ and create a play list that will have of the top hits, get pics of the president at the time. What car did the guest of honor drive during that time? - You can have models or pics of those cars as party favors. Where did the person work during that year? Who was the person's boss? What city did they live in?

If you plan around another milestone year- the party will be more connected and will feel more like a look back and a journey of where they WERE in relation to where they ARE.. They will remember MUCH more and laugh about things that happened during that year.

Best of luck in your planning- More Event Tips are Coming!!

Dewayne Hill

Corporate and Comedy Magician

Corporate and Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill performs all over the nation for the 5 "C"s- Conferences, Corporate Events, Country Clubs, Colleges and Churches. He has been voted #1 Milestone Entertainer. His website: and YouTube:

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