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Party planning tips by comedy magician dewayne hill

Maya Angelou once said, "People may not remember what you did or said, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

This statement is true to life and possibly even more true of parties.

Everything else, proper planning makes a better and more enjoyable event both for the guests and the host or hostess.

After the party favors and swag bags meet the dumpster, guests will hold the memories of how much love and laughter they shared at great parties past.

Throw an unforgettable get-together any time of the year with our tips for hosting big or small gatherings with ease.

Here are some tips to make your party successful and the best to remember.

Choose a theme - the Key to Great Party Planning.

The best party theme will make party planning fun! Getting creative with your theme is the best part of the whole planning process. If you are planning a kid's party, choose a theme with which the celebrant can resonate, Disney princess, pirate, or minion-themed party. But for teens and adults, – a 30th birthday party or a wedding anniversary party can be a fun BBQ celebration in the backyard.

Financial Allocation - your event financial allocation is essentially your foundation. Stick to your allocation.

It dictates what is and isn't possible throughout the planning process. The most important thing to consider is allocating your finances for your venue, catering, entertainment, and miscellaneous fees. Consider all potential costs from the beginning to avoid ending up with a figure far past your initial estimate.

Location, date, and time of the party - consider your guest's availability.

When scheduling the time and date of your party, know that it will be impossible to find something that works for everyone! What works for you might not work for others, resulting in a "no show" at your party. The venue or location needs to be accessible to all. You don't want your guest traveling all day to be with your party.

Entertainment Arrangement - the party time saver.

This is where the exciting part is. Your party depends on how the entertainment goes. This has the biggest part when you are hosting a party. The better the entertainment is, the more it will be remembered by your guests. You can hire a DJ, magician, or a band to do the entertainment.

Invitations and RSVP confirmations - make a guest list.

Always send out invitations at least two weeks in advance. "Not everyone is good at managing their schedules, so help them out by adding them to a calendar invite for the event with all of the event details, as well as sending out a reminder email a few days before the event — that way, they won't miss a beat!" said Elise Armitage, an Event Specialist at Google and blogger behind What The Fab.

The Menu - the highlight of the party.

Admit it or not, when we are throwing a party, we always want to serve the best food for our guests. Planning for a menu consumes a lot of your time, sometimes leading to forgetting other party planning needs. The tip for this is to serve the simple one yet considered everyone's favorite.

Party Essentials - the mind-blower.

Consider the theme that you want when you rent party essentials. Your chair and table cloth should match the theme and the guest's utensils.

Always have a backup plan for everything!

Think through all the details and set a solid plan. Execute the event based on the goals set during your planning. If you run into any situations during the execution, you'll be able to "WORK YOUR PLAN" and respond calmly and appropriately.

Use these simple tips to make your party planning to the next level.

Have fun!


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