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Magician's Film "The Discernment, the Book of Evil" wins Best feature film

Press Release

April 18, 2022

(Los Angeles, CA)

Magician turned filmmaker Dewayne Hill’s movie wins best feature film in the Urban Media Film festival. The magician produced, wrote and directed the thriller/horror feature film title “The Discernment, The Book of Evil. It’s about a young woman discovering a book that opens a door to a demon world as a priest must decide to either save the book or the woman. Sneak Peak at the trailer.

The film is based on a graphic novel series that will also be produced by Hill and his entertainment company titled with the same name. He plans to expand into several more forms of content, including podcasts, spin off graphic novels and ultimately a TV streaming series that will be produced by a major streaming network.

The much anticipated film has created buzz on the film festival circuit and has the comic book and horror community asking for the wide release of the film.

The Discernment was also one of the top featured films during The American Film Market in Los Angeles. AFM is the largest showcase for independent filmmakers to showcase their work for distribution.

“We reviewed several distribution offers after AFM and we are ready to settle on the best option for the brand and the expansion of The Discernment Universe” Hill said.

Urban Media Filmmaker’s Festival accepts submissions from all over the world from Black filmmakers and BIPOC and they showcase the best and up-and-coming artist. The 2021 festival was a hybrid event, both virtual and in-person. The magician’s film was an official selection, then moved to a finalist for best feature film and won best feature film.

The Discernment, The Book of Evil will stream on a platform in summer of 2022


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