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Comedy Magician, Motivational Speaker and Executive Producer Dewayne Hill

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Magic Team and Staff

Staff anchor
John "Dash" Dixon
Music Producer
  • Music Composer for Dhill productions and media
  • Sound Editor

Special Thanks: 

Charles Erdnase & Erdnase Real Estate Group - the first and Principal Angel Investor in Dewayne's TV production. "I will always be grateful to you for believing in the dream and idea when many other people passed and doubted. Your belief allowed me to believe in myself and my own ideas even more! Thank you my friend"


Matthew Fiorenza, CEO of FindingPrime - serves as business strategist and business coach to Dewayne Hill for the last 3 years

Tony Robbins Coaching Program - for the on-going coaching

Zig Ziglar Organization - for advanced sales training and workshops

Stephen Covey Group- Always reminding you to sharpen the saw on the 7 habits



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