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Sweet 16 Party Planning Tips

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Planning Tips To Make Her Milestone Extra Special 

Here are the top 16 tips we created to help you plan your daughters Sweet 16.  These Sweet  16 planning tips will help you save time and money and hassle when that special  day is only a few months away. 

1. Take Time to Plan - When you rush at the last minute in planning, more things go wrong and you don't have much time to fix things on the fly. Taking more time on planning will allow you to adjust and explore other options.

2. Decide on the Vision- What overall look do you want for your daughters special Sweet 16. Yes everyone picks the princess theme, but what about zombies? OR classic hair band 80's? This slightly out of the box ideas gives her and her friends much more photo opportunities for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

3. Don't Worry about out-doing someone else- That old phrase of "Keeping up with the Jone's." - Yes soo watch Mrs. Garcia hired Taylor Swift to be at her daughter's sweet 16. That doesn't mean you have to go to those lengths to have a great sweet 16 for your daughter. 

4. Have the public gifts for her and they have your private gift moments.   When the gift exchange happens, keep in mind a special time when you want to give your daughter a special gift that only the family wants to share or will understand. 

5. Decide on your menu. Review several menus and decide what foods you like and the ones you think your guest will like. Keep your Vegan friends in mind. 

6. Hire entertainment - Keep your entertainment fun and interactive. Yes they guests are teens and they can entertain themselves, but sometimes you need someone, i.e a DJ OR another entertainer to direct the guests energy. We have seen magicians work very well for Sweet 16's. This is one of the best in the USA working. Here is the website.


7. Decide on what are the most important aspects of the party.  When things go wrong (and they will), you need to remind yourself about the big picture and if this is worth getting stressed about.


8. Understand that someone will have something negative to say, and it might be a family member. You cant go into planning an event expecting that everything will be perfect and everyone will be happy. 

9. Plan your hair and make-up artist sooner than later and always hire a profession. You don't want your daughters photos to be FOREVER ruined by bad hair and make-up. One of the most recommended in the industry will come to your hotel or resort and take care of everything. Here is the website Yes your cousin has done hair before and you know a girl who can do make-up but have they done it for photo-shoots? Your special day is only once and you want all of those photos to turn out great with good lighting or bad lighting.

10. Don't be scared to ask vendors for upgrades or no-cost extras. This is great way to get the most out of your money when planning your daughters Sweet 16.

11. Send your invites several ways. Do a text message, a Facebook group message, an Email blast and do traditional snail mail to your select list.

12. Don't get hurt feelings if people don't show or even forget. Some people may not show because they don't have money for  gift and they don't want to come empty handed to her Sweet 16. Other people are just caught up in their own world, its becoming more and more common to forget special events. That is why tip 11 is very important. 

13. Plan and inform about parking. If you are doing a downtown event, and your guest will have to pay to park, let them know that after they RSVP. When you meet with a special venue - ask about getting paid parking validated. 

14. Keep your records clear when you talk to vendors about your Sweet 16. Never be scared to remind a Sweet 16 vendor what they promised when they wanted your business.

15. Understand that things will go wrong. No matter how much planning you do and prep- something will not go according to plan. Just take a deep breath and focus on what you can control in the moment. 

16. Its OK to be a Dictator- the less opinions you have as you plan, the easier it will be get things accomplished. 



Event Planning is your online resource to help you plan the perfect event. This is Sweet 16 planning guide. We wanted to give you the top 16  planning tips to help you save money and time on planning your special Sweet 16 for your daughter.

We wanted to give you a complete guide at hosting and planning that VERY special event you may be having in the near future. This guide is full of tips and resources to help save you money on having your event, save you money in planning your event and make your life less stressful, so you can aquatically enjoy the event you are having and involved!

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