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Here are Some Top Tips To Help You Get Over

Your Fear of Speaking

and Give Outstanding Presentations

1) Take Time To Learn You Audience - Ask questions about the people in the crowd before as you start to outline your presentation. This will help guide the flow of your talk to information that will help them. 

2)  Give Your Audience Something In Hand- Printing off a simple graphic card or outline of your presentation will allow the audience to have something to reference after your presentation. 

No Fear Public Speaking & Presentation Tips

3)  Get Excited About Question and Answer. This is a great way to keep the conversation going to the audience and you are directly talking about what they want to hear.  

4) Stop thinking of Your Talk as a Presentation OR Speech - Instead  just remember you are having a conversation and a bunch of people are in the way of the conversation.

5)  Pick the most interested Person - Look into the audience and connect with 1 person. Then Speak to the person the rest of your presentation. Now that conversation you are having- you are looking at 1 person and the other people are just listening.

6)  Offer A Challenge Question To Your Audience- This will force them to have to think about what you are saying and their emotions about the topic.

7) Work with a speaking coach- If you have issues with words or letters because English isn't your native tongue, that is ok. Working with a coach and going over the words and letters will allow you to feel better about saying them to an audience.

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Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer Dewayne Hill travels the United States delivering talks to Conferences and Corporate Meetings on Leadership, Empowerment and Goal-Setting. 

Some Of His Clients Include:

In this amazing session, you will get to talk and get questions and lessons on how to give amazing public speaking presentations. 


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