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Dewayne Hill

Dewayne is currently shopping and pitching several original concepts for production. While all of us in the industry knows this is a long and tedious process - Dewayne, with support of his angel investor are moving forward with independent productions and concept pilots. The intent is to show major decision makers a track record, proof of concept of work and also display the fact that Dewayne has production coordinating, directing and set experience. 


Production Slate

We are accepting conference calls and meetings for distribution and multi-project development deal. We are not accepting offers for outside investors or co-ownership at this time. 

Film - (Completed) - Documentary Short - "The Gospel According Fathers"

Television - (Season 1 and 2 Completed) - Weekly Series - "Hidden Magic TV"

Television - (Pilot- Completed) - Last Stage of Negotiating with The Golf Channel - They passed - "Affordable Golf"

New Media - (Season 1 - Completed) - Podcast - Men's Secrets Exposed

New Media - (On-going) - Web-series - Documentary Style - Behind the Scenes series called "Behind The Magic"

Film - "Wheatlook" - Thriller - Pre-production (short film)

Film - "The Tables Turned" - Thriller - Final Draft completed

Film - "Niceville" - Thriller - in script development 

Television/Streaming - "The Discernment" - Action/Suspense Series - Concept Pilot - Pre-Production 

Television/Streaming - "Magic Food"- Cooking Show - Pre-Production

Television/Streaming - (Not Named) - Drama - Concept Pilot 

Television/Streaming - (Not Named) - Animated Series - Pre-Production

Television/Streaming - (Not Named) - Golf Show  - Pre-Production

New Media - Web Series to TV/Streaming  - Men's Secrets Exposed Talk Show - Filming /Principal Photography

New Media - Internet Streaming Project - "Summer of the Scorpio" - Filming/Principal Photography


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