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Grad Party Planning Tips

Top 6 Graduation Party Planning Tips

Have you started thinking about your company's holiday party yet? If not, time is sneaking up on you, but there's still time to plan a bash your employees will be excited to attend. Corporate holiday parties have a reputation for being a bit stale, but there are lots of ways you can get creative and inject some real holiday spirit into the event. Your party is a great opportunity to get together with your team, enjoy each other's company, and let everyone know how much you appreciate their hard work over the last year. These ideas can help you make it a party to remember.

1. Determine what your graduate wants- Many parents assume a graduation party is a rite of passage, a tradition. While this may be the case, it’s important to ask your graduate what he/she wants before you begin planning.

  • Does he/she want to be involved in the planning?

  • Does your graduate prefer a small party or a large party?

  • Perhaps he or she doesn’t want a party at all. Earlier this year, my daughter told us she didn’t want a graduation party because she doesn’t like being the center of attention. She has since changed her mind so we’ll be hosting a party later this summer.

2. Create a preliminary guest list- Jot down the family, friends, and co-workers you’d like to invite. Once the names are on paper, you’ll be able determine the type of venue needed. Can it be hosted at your house, restaurant, or a local park?

3. Formal paper invites are king- Today party invitations can be created online; however, there are so many different social platforms, how do you pick just one? A formal invitation is still considered the best way to invite your guests. Make sure you send out your invitations at least a month in advance.

4. Timing- June and July are the best months for hosting a party. Once August arrives, people are in school mode again. The recommended duration of a party is 3-5 hours. This allows people to arrive at their leisure.

5. Entertainment options- When planning a graduation party, it’s important to think about attendee demographics. Some guests will come for just a brief time and others will linger. A photo board or looping video is nice for guests who can’t stay long. For those who do stay, make sure you have activities or a performer like a magician.

6. Two parties in one- If your graduate has a close friend, consider hosting a joint party. This allows you to share the costs and get more help in the kitchen.

Event Planning is your online resource to help you plan the perfect event. This is Graduation Party planning guide. We wanted to give you the checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of. With those areas covered, you should be well on your way to throwing a Graduation Party birthday party to remember.

We wanted to give you a complete guide at hosting and planning that VERY special event you may be having in the near future. This guide is full of tips and resources to help save you money on having your event, save you money in planning your event and make your life less stressful, so you can aquatically enjoy the event you are having and involved!

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