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 #1 Touring Magician & Nominated Best Corporate Act


America's FunniestCorporate Comedian Magician

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Elevate your special events with Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill, a master at delivering exceptional entertainment without the hefty price tag. Dewayne's unique blend of humor and magic ensures that your event will not only be memorable but will also be the talk of the town for months to come!


Dewayne Hill: Behind the Magic

Discovering the Magic Within Embark on a journey with Dewayne Hill, who discovered his passion for magic at the tender age of 16. Starting his magical journey on the streets of Charleston, WV, his hometown, Dewayne quickly captivated audiences. Within just six months, his remarkable talent led to numerous show requests from local churches and fundraisers, marking the beginning of an extraordinary career. Perfecting the art of Magic and Comedy Combined The fusion of magic and comedy became Dewayne's signature style. His talent quickly caught the eye of a local TV show producer after just two professional shows, leading to a guest appearance. This performance was so captivating that it was broadcast during prime time for eight consecutive nights, sparking widespread interest. Reporters and news outlets across the region clamored for interviews, propelling Dewayne into the limelight. Honing His Skills on Stage It was at a local comedy club where Dewayne honed his unique blend of humor and magic. This period was crucial in refining his skills in storytelling and joke delivery, all while performing mesmerizing magic tricks. This experience was pivotal in shaping the performer he is today. Overcoming Challenges and Pursuing Dreams The path to success was not always smooth. During the early years, Dewayne balanced his burgeoning entertainment career with his education, using his earnings from shows to fund his studies at West Virginia State College. His dedication and hard work paid off as he quickly became a sought-after performer across the United States, gracing stages at colleges, comedy clubs, country clubs, and corporate events. A Man of Many Talents Beyond the world of magic, Dewayne also pursued other passions. He worked as a personal trainer and a graphic designer, all while continuing to enchant audiences with his performances in the evenings and on weekends. This period of his life was marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in various fields, showcasing his multifaceted talents. Championing a Cause: Magic Against Bullying In March 2002, Dewayne expanded his horizons by entering classrooms as a teacher and mentor for autistic students. Witnessing the impact of bullying firsthand, he was inspired to create “Magic with a Message” – a show that artfully blends comedy, magic, and audience participation. This program powerfully addresses the perils of bullying and drug use, now reaching thousands of students across the United States annually. A Magic Milestone: Becoming a World Record Holder April 2007 marked a remarkable achievement for Dewayne as he set a World Record by performing an astounding 71 card tricks in a single hour! This feat not only resonated with magic enthusiasts but also significantly raised his profile in the magic community. Dewayne now showcases his award-winning talents at a variety of venues, including what he refers to as the “5 C’s” – Colleges, Conferences, Country Clubs, Corporate Events, and Churches. Appearing on America's Got Talent and getting cut In the spring of 2009, Dewayne caught the attention of the executive producers of “America's Got Talent,” leading to an invitation to audition in Miami. Despite not fitting the show’s preference for larger illusion acts and being cut early, this experience was a notable part of his journey. Although invited to re-audition in subsequent years, Dewayne chose to focus on his own television production endeavors and his pursuit of a streaming special. Continuing to Forge His Own Path During this period, Dewayne was deeply involved in producing his show, "Hidden Magic," which further established his presence in the entertainment industry. His decision to prioritize his personal projects over returning to “America's Got Talent” demonstrates his commitment to carving out his unique niche in the world of magic and entertainment.

FEARLESS Entertainment & 100% G-Rated

"Dewayne brought a new energy to our conference that we hadn't experienced in years!" APCO International

Benefits of Booking Dewayne?

Time Saver #1 - Fast Paperwork

Dewayne and his booking manager has all the forms and paperwork completed for your bookkeeper and accounting.

Money Saver #1

Dewayne has a corporate sponsor that off-sets the flight and rental car.

Time Saver #2

Dewayne supplies you with promo materials. You don't have to design and wait on rough drafts. 

Money Saver #2

Dewayne gives you complimentary workshop choice.

Money Saver #3

Dewayne will perform complimentary strolling session of magic if you have a cocktail or welcome reception.

Time Saver #3

You have direct access to talk and schedule with Dewayne and his tour calendar, no middle men or agents to confused the message, questions or vision you have about your event.

Time Saver #3

Dewayne gives you complimentary Event Planning Sessions and NOW we offer event sourcing to save you time! We will help you find DJ's, Photographers and Venues at no cost!

Over 20 years of Stage Rocking & Crowd pleasing experience!
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