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Comedy Magician, Motivational Speaker and Executive Producer Dewayne Hill

  • Born in Brooklyn, NY

  • Grew up in West Virginia

  • Majored in K-12 Education at WV  State University 

  • Travels 90 to 100 days per year

  • Lost over 90 lbs and counting

  • Set a World Record with Card Tricks

  • Appeared on America's Got Talent (Got Cut, that sucked)

  • Has Since Appeared on Travel Channel, Food Network, Fox Sports Net, ABC and NBC

  • Currently writing 2 books, producing a TV show and launching 2 new podcasts

  • Aggressively chasing the dream to sign a deal with either NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Or Apple

  • Loves to Play Golf

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Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill

Tampa -- New York --San Jose -- London -- Dallas

Direct Email  |   1-855-30-Magic  Or 1-855-306-2442

Princess Maria Tavu

Senior Executive Booking Manager

  • Team Leader and Senior Exec

  • Handles Day to Day Logistics 

  • Conducts Business Outreach with Associations, Churches and Country Clubs

  • Helps arrange travel from appearance to appearance

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Detailed Oriented

  • Loves her family 

Janet Sayre

Executive Booking Manager

  • Handles Day to Day Logistics with CRM and database 

  • Conducts Business Outreach Corporate Events, Conferences and Country Clubs

  • Fast Paced and Extremely Effective

  • Hard Worked and Dedicated

  • Loves her family

Arlah Gidaya

Executive Booking Manager

  • Handles Day to Day Logistics with database 

  • Conducts Business Outreach Country Clubs

  • Creative and Thinks Outside of the Box

  • Excellent Problem Solver

  • Goes the Extra Mile

  • Loves her family

We are very excited to add this new section to the website, because we want you to see that a team of people is committed and will take YOUR event AND YOUR guests as serious as you do. 

Special Thanks: 

Charles Erdnase & Erdnase Real Estate Group - the first and Principal Angel Investor in Dewayne's TV production. "I will always be grateful to you for believing in the dream and idea when many other people passed and doubted. Your belief allowed me to believe in myself and my own ideas even more! Thank you my friend"


Matthew Fiorenza, CEO of FindingPrime - serves as business strategist and business coach to Dewayne Hill for the last 3 years

Tony Robbins Coaching Program - for the on-going coaching

Zig Ziglar Organization - for advanced sales training and workshops

Stephen Covey Group- Always reminding you to sharpen the saw on the 7 habits



Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill

Tampa -- New York --San Jose -- London -- Dallas

Direct Email  |   1-855-30-Magic  Or 1-855-306-2442

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