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College and University Screening Info 

The Discernment is a universe that shows the epic battle of good versus evil, demons and angels and humans with spiritual gifts caught in the middle.

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Horror Night Private Screening for Colleges

  • Everyone Gets A Free Signed Poster or Signed Script Page

  • Private Screening for Students and Staff

  • 20 minute Magic Performance

  • After the Screening a Q & A with the Director

Special Pricing for Virtual 

Special Pricing for In-Person (no travel fees charged) 

Price is based on estimated number of audience. 

Logline: Mallory is desperate to help her sick mother accidentally discovers a book that opens a door to hell. A priest has to rescue the book from the girl but has to decide if he will save Mallory or not. Based on real events.

We follow a priest with a dark past that has a gifted power to detect evil and cast out demons on his various missions of the paranormal and super natural. 

Based on actual clergy interviews and police statements.

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