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#1 Voted Touring  Christian Entertainer

#1 Voted Best Christian Entertainer Comedian & Magician 

For Church Events and Functions Performing in America.

"Our Church still talks about the night of fellowship we had with Dewayne" - Senior Pastor Church of Knoxville


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Amazing & Funny!

Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill Helps Amazing People Make Their Special Events More Memorable and Fun With Out Adding A Lot of Costs, So Those Events Can Be Celebrated and Talked about For Months After the Event!


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Behind the Magic

Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill started performing magic at the age of 16. Six months after practicing and performing in the streets of Charleston, WV (his hometown), he started receiving show offers from area churches and local fundraisers.

Perfecting the art of Magic and Comedy Combined!!

​After performing two professional shows, he received the attention of a local TV show producer and was asked to be a guest on the show to perform. Two weeks after taping the live show, it finally aired on the local TV stations and had a primetime run for 8 nights in a row. This attracted news reporters and interviews from all over the region. After several articles and news clips hit the press Dewayne started performing in a local comedy club. It was here where he perfected the art of joking and story telling while performing amazing magic tricks.

Dewayne develops programs to help stop bullying…

In March of 2002, Dewayne started entering the classroom as a teacher and Autistic Mentor. During this time he saw the troubles of bullying and started developing a new show for school systems called “Magic with a Message”. This show combined comedy, magic and audience interaction with a series of points illustrated about the dangers of bullying and drug use. Now Dewayne presents this program to thousands of students across the United States every year.

Becomes a World Record Holder in card tricks…

In April of 2007, Dewayne Hill set a World Record by performing the most card tricks (71) in a single hour. The feat created an exciting buzz among card handlers and magic lovers. Dewayne now brings his show Church events all over the United States. 

Appearing on America's Got Talent and Declining a repeat appearance...


In Spring on 2009, Executive Producers of the Television Show America’s Got Talent, called Dewayne and asked him to attend the Miami auditions. After a few performances and screenings the producers said they were “Looking for bigger illusion type performances”. In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 the producers asked Dewayne to re-audition, but Dewayne continues to decline to re-audition and perform because of his current Television show he produces. Producers of the show made another request for the 2018 airing but Dewayne was on location shooting his show "Hidden Magic"

Benefits of Booking Dewayne?

Time Saver #1 - Fast Paperwork

Dewayne and his booking manager has all the forms and paperwork completed for your bookkeeper and accounting.

Money Saver #1

Dewayne has a corporate sponsor that off-sets the flight and rental car.

Time Saver #2

Dewayne supplies you with promo materials. You don't have to design and wait on rough drafts. 

Money Saver #2

Dewayne gives you complimentary workshop choice.

Money Saver #3

Dewayne will perform complimentary strolling session of magic if you have a cocktail or welcome reception.

Time Saver #3

You have direct access to talk and schedule with Dewayne and his tour calendar, no middle men or agents to confused the message, questions or vision you have about your event.

Time Saver #3

Dewayne gives you complimentary Event Planning Sessions and NOW we offer event sourcing to save you time! We will help you find DJ's, Photographers and Venues at no cost!

Over 20 years of Stage Rocking & Crowd Pleasing For The Church!


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FEARLESS Entertainment & 100% G-Rated

"Dewayne had the entire congregation in tears! Amazing show! Mountainview Community Church 
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