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Dewayne Hill Pre BlackPool Lecture

Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill will lecture and perform at Blackpool 2023. Dewayne was voted entertainer for the year 2021 and 2022 and Magician of the year 2022 and Runner-up Best Standup Comedian. He has made a great transition from part time pro to full time worker, consistantly booking over 100 performances per year, 2015.

Secrets Shared and Questions Answered.


The pre-Blackpool webinar will give attendees a peek into the lecture and answer some questions that may not have a chance to be asked during Blackpool. Some topics that will be covered during the webinar.

1. Knowing your numbers, does the math make sense.

2. Why creating a target market is a big mistake

3. Out of the box ways to have an endless supply of leads

4. What to say if you pitch someone cold

5. In-depth Question and Answers

Monday Feb. 6, 2023
3:00pm EST 

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Pre Blackpool Live Webinar

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