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Dewayne Hill


Bio in Bullets For the Big Picture Type of People

  • Born in Brooklyn, NYC

  • Re-located and Raised in West Virginia

  • Started Performing Theater and Stage Plays at the age of 15

  • Started Performing Magic at the age of 16

  • Started Bodybuilding and Weight training at the age of 16 

  • Completed in Teen and Collegiate Divisions of Bodybuilding from 17 to 21(never placed lower than 3rd place) 

  • Went to College at West Virginia State College and majored in k-12 education

  • Got Married at 19  (That wasn't smart)

  • At 22 years old decided he wanted to be a full-time entertainer/magician

  • At 22 and a half years old - got divorced - (Hell of a coincidence) 

  • 2007 - Re-located to Florida

  • 2008 - Crowned "America's Funniest Comedy Magician"

  • 2009 - Decided to get back into acting

  • 2013- Appeared and Auditioned for America's Got Talent

  • 2013 - Got Cut from AGT - (that sucked)

  • 2013 - Ex-wife called after seeing Dewayne on TV, he didn't answer or return the call (moral victory)

  • 2015 - Being Considered to Host a new TV show for Travel Channel (that fell through- what a surprise in Television)

  • 2016 - Shot and Pitched a Pilot to the Golf Channel - (they passed- that also sucked)

  • 2016 - Had a freak fall and severally injured both legs and couldn't walk for 4 months

  • 2016 - Started putting together a pitch package for a multi-project deal

  • 2017 - Rehab and performing in a wheel chair

  • 2018 - Decided to buck the Hollywood maze and go directly after key players in Hollywood

  • Currently - Several projects are in development for an overall pitch package.

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