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50th & 60th Milestone Tips

50th and 60th Birthday Party Planning Tips and Ideas to that special milestone go even more smooth.

Here are the top 8 planning tips when hosting a 50th or 60th is a big deal, so it should be celebrated with lots of fanfare.  Whether planning a birthday party backyard barbeque or a formal sit-down dinner, these guidelines will help even the most inexperienced host pull off a fabulous party.  After all, a gathering of family and friends is a fabulous way to say "Happy 50th/60th Birthday."

1. Set a price window- A successful party means spending your time and energy planning something your special someone will love and remember.  It does not mean spending a lot of money or planning a party you really can't afford.  Using the guidelines provided here, make your best estimate of what it will cost to make your dream party a reality.  Of those estimates, list the ideas that you are not willing to compromise.  The early decisions in planning a 50th/60th birthday party often become great stress relievers.

2. Choose a time, date, and place for your party- If at all possible, allow the guest of honor to choose the date and time of the party.  However, do consider what would be best for the majority of the guests to ensure good attendance.

3.Location, location, location- The location of the party is usually driven by the budget.  This is one decision that could either be the cheapest or the most expensive.  If there is a venue that is particularly special to your honoree, then it may be worth spending your money.  Otherwise, transform your own home or backyard into an entertaining 50th/60th birthday party zone.  The advantages to your own home are more time to decorate and zero dollars spent.  The biggest advantage to an outside venue would probably be the clean up.

4. Tackle a guest list- Planning a 50th/60thbirthday party also includes deciding how many guests would be a comfortable number to entertain.  Ask your Honoree to compile a list of guests close to that number.  If the amount of space is available, consider inviting fifty guests to further commemorate the occasion.  Who should come? Sometimes a mixture of family and friends is a good idea.  When mixing groups of people, however, make sure they are compatible.  To further ensure the comfort level of your guests, allow guests to bring a date.

5. Decide on your menu- Review several menus and decide what foods you like and the ones you think most of your guest will like. Keep your Vegan friends in mind. 

6. Select a theme.
The theme is the heartbeat of the party.  Combine your personal style with a fun party theme to create an unforgettable milestone birthday event.   Whether hosting a backyard picnic or an elaborate golden sit-down dinner, keep the party focused on your selected theme.  Get creative 50th birthday party themes here.

6. Hire entertainment - Keep your entertainment fun and interactive. Make your party an event to remember. Hire a DJ OR another entertainer to make sure that everyone is having the time of their lives. We have seen magicians do the trick on this aspect. This is one of the best in the USA working. Here is the website.


7. Kick-off the party with invitations- Start the party buzz with unique invitations that inspire your guests to save the date.  Let your guests know exactly what to expect with crystal clear party details.  With so many 50th birthday invitation ideas available, choosing your card is an important beginning.

8. Understand that someone will have something negative to say, and it might be a family member. You cant go into planning an event expecting that everything will be perfect and everyone will be happy.

Event Planning is your online resource to help you plan the perfect event. This is 50th/60th planning guide. We wanted to give you the checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of. With those areas covered, you should be well on your way to throwing a 50th/60th birthday party to remember.

We wanted to give you a complete guide at hosting and planning that VERY special event you may be having in the near future. This guide is full of tips and resources to help save you money on having your event, save you money in planning your event and make your life less stressful, so you can aquatically enjoy the event you are having and involved!

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